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*Note: If ICBC's Customer Relations department has not yet reviewed your enquiry or complaint, the Fairness Commissioner will refer your matter to this department before he will review your concerns. If you have any questions, please contact our customer relations team.

WEB1860 (042018)
Please refer to ICBC's Fairness Process for more information.
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Please provide a detailed description of your complaint with reasons why you feel that you have been treated unfairly.
Please mail any supporting documentation to the Fairness Commissioner's office at:

PO Box 86686
North Vancouver BC V7L 4L2

In order for the Fairness Commissioner to review your complaint, you must accept the following waiver as required in his Terms of Reference. Once this complaint has been received, the Fairness Commissioner will ask ICBC to provide a summary report of their investigation into your complaint, together with any relevant corporate documents. He will then review the material in consideration of your original complaint, and provide a written decision to both you and ICBC.
* With respect to my complaint to the ICBC Fairness Commissioner, I agree that I will not request that the Commissioner, his staff, and any individuals, including legal counsel, retained by the Commissioner to assist him in performing his duties, be compelled as a witness in court or in any proceedings of a judicial nature in respect of anything coming to the Commissioner's knowledge as a result of his consideration of this complaint.