Change of Address

This change of address form is intended for members of the Driver Training Industry only.

Members of the general public wishing to change their address information to various provincial programs and/or offices can do so online by using the Government of British Columbia's Change of Address Service.

Driver training schools submitting a change of address are required to pay a $15 duplicate fee for an updated license. Please contact ICBC Driver Training by phone to make payment: 1-866-339-0363.

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If you are a driver training instructor and are notifying us of your new residential address, please provide the following information:
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To ensure that all our records are updated, check off the items applicable to your school or facility:
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Personal information provided on this form is collected pursuant to s. 26 of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. The personal information will be used to process your change of address request. Should you have any questions about the collection of information, please contact us.