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Note: The screens, pictures and information contained in these appendixes may change without notice. This information is beyond the control of ICBC and is only provided as a guide to assist in using your internet browser with Salvage Web.

38 Appendix E - Enabling Cookies within the Mozilla browser  
Note: If you are using the Netscape browser "Cookies" must be "enabled." The Cookies option is normally enabled automatically when your browser is loaded onto your PC. However, if not do the following:

Purpose Enable the cookies within the Mozilla Browser
How to use · On the Mozilla tool bar click on Edit
  · From the Edit menu click on Preferences
  · Click on the Advanced file folder icon
  · Click on the box for Enable Style Sheets
  · Click on the circle for Accept all Cookies
  · Click on Okay
How to get here Double click on the Netscape icon on your computer desktop




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