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Insurance Corporation of British Columbia

ICBC Salvage Web Users' Guide


Table of Contents

1 Introduction  
  1.1 Recommended Personal Computer Requirements  
  1.2 Helpful Hints  
2 ICBC Help Desk  
3 Microsoft Internet Explorer  
  3.1 Getting Started (Microsoft Internet Explorer)  
  3.2 1st Time Log On (Microsoft Internet Explorer)  
  3.3 Normal Daily Log On (Microsoft Internet Explorer)  
  3.4 End of Session (Microsoft Internet Explorer)  
4 Netscape Communicator  
  4.1 Getting Started (Netscape Communicator)  
  4.2 1st Time Log On (Netscape Communicator)  
  4.3 Normal Daily Log On (Netscape Communicator)  
  4.4 End of Session (Netscape Communicator)  
5 ICBC Partners Page  
6 Salvage Operations screen  
7 Enter Network Password screen  
8 General Layout of ICBC Salvage Web screens  
9 Vehicle Sales Listings Search  
10 Vehicle Sales Listings  
11 Damage Codes  
12 ICBC Salvage Yard Information  
13 Vehicle Equipment and Damage Detail  
14 Vehicle Results Listings Search  
15 Vehicle Results Listings  
16 Vehicle Sales History Listings Search  
17 Vehicle Sales History Listings  
18 General Salvage Sales Listings Search  
19 General Salvage Sales Listings  
20 General Salvage Detail  
21 General Salvage Results Listings Search  
22 General Salvage Results Listings  
23 Online Bidding  
24 Single Bid Entry  
25 Single Bid Receipt  
26 Multiple Bid Entry - Selecting Assets to bid on  
27 Multiple Bid Check Out  
28 Multiple Bid Receipt  
29 List of Current Bids  
30 Accounts Payable  
31 My Bids  
32 Salvage News  
33 Online Bidding Security  
34 Appendix A - Checking Your Version of Microsoft Internet Explorer  
35 Appendix B - Downloading Encryption Security for Microsoft Explorer  
36 Appendix C - Downloading Microsoft Internet Explorer browser  
37 Appendix D - Enabling Cookies within the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser  
38 Appendix E - Enabling Cookies & Style Sheets within the Netscape browser